Truth Chasers Club

An Overview Of Our Ministries

Truth Chasers Club

Truth Chasers Club The Truth Chasers Club® is an exciting Bible correspondence club designed to disciple children and adults. God has allowed us to reach over 499,000 Truth Chasers since February of 1999!

Hundreds of completed lessons are received in the mail daily! Dedicated volunteers come from all over the nation to help make a difference in children’s lives through the ministry of the Truth Chasers Club. They are "the heart" of the ministry as they grade each lesson by hand. They also pray for each student’s requests and include hand-written notes to encourage the students. Every lesson is graded, prayed over, and sent back to the student, along with the next lesson in the series. This is a personal ministry where kids are ministered to every day!

After the student completes and mails in the first lesson, it is processed by a volunteer who prays for any needs the student might have, writes an encouraging note, and sends a new lesson. Students are awarded certificates as they complete each lesson series.

Enroll in the CEF Truth Chasers Club

The CEF Truth Chasers Club works in partnership with other Christian organizations such as Prison Fellowship Ministry and Joni and Friends, and provides the opportunity for volunteers to have an impact on the lives of the spiritually hungry. If you would like information about volunteering in the CEF Truth Chasers Club at International Headquarters, e-mail or call CEF Headquarters at 800-300-4033.